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METALLICA, C.O.C., April 29, 1997, Alamodome, San Antonio, TX, $35.50

I got my tickets late so I was way up in the seats but the show was still very cool.

Nobody was really into C.O.C. so everyone just kinda sat and watched. The loudest

it got was when Pepper asked 'You guys ready to see Metallica, right?'

Finally they came up and started running around there figure 8 shaped stage, except Kirk heh.

The house lights were left one as they went into 'So What', then into 'Creeping Death' and

spectacular light display started. This was probably the best lighting I will ever see. It seemed

like every time Lars hit a drum, something flashed! They also played Sad, Fade, Bellz, Sandman,

Roam, Battery, Whiplash, Kill/Ride Medley, Until it Sleeps, Hero of the Day, Nothiner Else

Matters, King Nothing, Seek and Destroy, and the first half of Master of Puppets.

Hetfield amused the crowd as usual, Lars was incredible, Jason headbanged all over the stage,

and Kirk know. I had a really great time and my arms and my throat were sore

for a while.


PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD, October 1, 1997, Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX, $20.00

I did not know what to expect because I wasn't a big Pantera fan yet. Machine Head started

about 10 minutes after I got there and I was really impressed with Logan Mader. There were

real loud and heavy. I would like to see them again, but Logan has joined Soulfly.

Then the sun went down and it started getting rowdy. Everybody was either drunken or

stoned. Then Suicide Note 1 started to play over the P.A., and it got really wild. At the end

of the song, up went the 'rattlesnake curtain' and they went right into 'Part 2.' . Phil Anselmo

headbangs extremely violent and I'm surprised he never has gotten whiplash, seriously.

He did his usual speeches as heard on '101 Proof', and played all the songs from that CD.

The mosh pit was the most violent I have ever seen in a pit to date, with the most dancing during

'This Love' and 'Cowboys from Hell'. I believe 'Planet Caravan' was also played. I had a very

fun time and tried not to get killed. Dimebag Darrell was especially fun to watch and Phil does

work his crowd like no other.


CREED, SUBROSA, Nov.1, 1997, The White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX $5.00

This was my first show in a bar. There were a lots of idiots there from school and I tried not

to be seen. The first band, 'Carcadian Rythmn' was like high-school R.E.M., they sucked.

The next guys, Subrosa, at least used distortion pedals. They sounded pretty good and I was

impressed with them. Next was Creed, ok, this was BEFORE they made it big...the next

time they came to SA, it was in some large Civic Center. Anyway, they were good as well.

My only memory is 'My Own Prison' at the end. It was definately worth $5.



April 4, 1998, Ranch Studios, Austin, TX, $20.00

We got there really early and ate at Shoneys. It was SICK!! I will NEVER eat there EVER

again! I then took a dump at Taco Bell and walked back to the venue. We sat in line for about

45 minutes and watched people. Then, we were let in and took positions on the front row.

After an hour, LOA came out and jammed. It was highly entertaining. Whitfield Crane of

Ugly Kid Joe fame was the singer, he is now gone. After a while, Coal Chamber appeared.

No matter how generic their songs are, their live shows will Kick Your Ass! It was very intense

and energetic. The place exploded into a moshpit and Dez crowd surfed at the end. Then, the

older folk started moving in closer in wait of Mustaine and Co. After the intro, 'Holy Wars'

started up and they went right into their hits and new stuff as well. And to top it all off....

I CAUGHT THE DRUMSTICK OF MENZA!!!!!!!!! Worth every cent.



May 31, 1998, Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX, $20.00