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IN FLAMES is an excellent band from Gothenburg. They mix deadly
metal riffs with beautiful melodies and it sounds GREAT!
It is strongly recommended you pick up their CD "The Jester Race"

I FINALLY got my copy of "The Jester Race" and it is truely AWESOME!
I cant really compare it to any American band I am familar with.
Its got that Pantera sound..but billions of guitar solos..
the main riff usually has a solo intertwined in it.

The current members are...

Jesper Stromblad- Writes or co-writes all the tunes and plays
                  lead guitar and is responsible for the 
                  acousticleazy-e melodies and keyboards.

Anders Friden-    The vocalist for In Flames. His cursed howl sounds
                  like glass shattering on concrete.

Bjorn Gelotte-    The crude drummer for all the albums. Due to a 
                  line-up change, Bjorn now plays guitar. In Flames
                  is without a drummer right now.