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WWF News. bios on them.

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN - He is VERY crude in his actions. His 
  absolute disrespect to Mr. McMahon got him arrested. He plays
  by his own rules and doesn't take orders from anyone. He has a   
  HUGE fan base. He was the WWF Champion for many months until 
  McMahon ran off with his title belt after a match with Kane and
  the Undertaker.

D-Generation-X  consists of...

TRIPLE H - This pretty boy started DX. I dont like him very much.

X-PAC - This madman is one of my favorite wrestlers right now.
   He is highly agile in his ways. He looks "cool" too.

CHYNA - The official bodyguard for DX. She's ugly.

BADASS BILLY GUNN - "Mr. Ass" is very energetic in the ring and is 
   part of the New Age Outlaws. 

JESSE JAMES the ROAD DOG - He is the elitus punk.


AL SNOW and HEAD - The mentally disturbed Al Snow is directed by
   crude manniquin head. Al Snow has been banned by Sgt. Slaughter
   cuz they old timers HATE him. But Al and Head has one by one
   taken out the opponents. Head is smart. His fans beg for him to
   give them Head. No pun intented eh?

MANKIND - A creation of Mick Foley, who suffers from Multi-Personality
   Disorder. Mankind can withstand GREAT amounts of pain and is VERY
   crude in his tactics. He doesn't win often..but seems to always
   be around..Tag-team action.